Telehealth Services For Those Impacted by Domestic Violence

SDCC is a local nonprofit whose mission is to provide no cost counseling services to children and families impacted by domestic violence.  SDCC has been serving the Valley for 10 years and is continuing to provide support to the community via telehealth. OUR CLIENTS NEED US MORE THAN EVER!!!  

The community at large is being significantly impacted as a result of the COVID virus. Families are being asked to deal with financial stressors, worries about illness, how they are going to care for their parents or children, as well as homeschooling their youth. All of this has occurred swiftly and before the community could rally together to be prepared. Within a days notice, our team had a meeting where all staff communicated that they would do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure that their clients did not lose care during this time. They knew that our community impacted by domestic violence would be especially impacted by the Covid-19 virus and the shut downs. They intuitively knew that these families would be of the vulnerable populations being asked to manage through extreme financial challenges and lay-offs. Already the majority of our clients are just trying to battle living in San Diego on a single income. They would also be asked to manage childcare and learning how to homeschool their children and keep them entertained while at home with less structure. For others not yet clients, our therapists knew that this would be a bit hit to the domestic violence community. Imagine, families couped up in one house, added pressure and stress from finances and fear of illness, no school or structure and how all of this pressure could implode if there was an abuser living at home. Someone without skills to manage anger. Someone who reacts violently and abusively when under pressure. Imagine!! These are the real stories we hear from our new clients. This is the worst case possibility! Imagine, no way out of the house, no way to get help, and they know that there is nowhere to go. Imagine the kids living at home, hearing the fights, witness abuse, and some, even victims of the rage and anger. This is real! This is happening and our team know that they had to put their own personal fears and worries aside so they could be ready for anyone who needs support. I commend my staff for being the true invisible heroes at this time! They are amazing people and are waiting to support the community through telehealth services so that at least someone can be there for the families.

You might ask what we can do if they are trapped at home? We can do a lot! 

  • We are connected with CWS and the district attorney’s office and the police department. Safety and support are always our first priority and the support for our clients is just a call away! 
  • We can provide parenting support during this time. We offer non-judgmental guidance to our clients on how to provide structure and routine for their children during all of this chaos. Children thrive in structured environments and we have tips to share on how to provide these, even through the worst of circumstances.
  • Therapy services are provided to teens and children who might have no one else to turn to. Imagine the healing power for these children, when access to a bright light of support is just a call away!
  • Support for families and parents is a necessity. Healthy and happy parents make for healthy and happy children. We know that and we support that mission! Weekly check in sessions are provided for families for long term counseling, no cost, funded by the CAL-Vcb if qualifed. 

What can you do?  

There are certain families that do not qualify for the CAL-vcb funding. We are in desperate need of grant allocation or donations to be able to provide support to any and all clients who come to us in need! We do not want to turn anyone away, simply because there is no financial support.  Grants and donations are needed during this time of distress and SDCC imagines that the calls for needed services will only grow as the crisis goes on!

Please reach out to SDCC at 619-289-7322 or [email protected] if you or someone you know needs support!